Crawfish Rendezvous

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Barry Graham - Musician/Singer/Artist

I have been very blessed to have had the opportunity to enjoy and perform music for more than three-decades and music to be a major part of my life. It has taken me from a small talent show gig on WBRC TV6 "The Sunday Show" in Birmingham, Alabama in 1967 to performing throughout the South and Southeast. From Minor High School home coming dances to festivals. I am fortunate to have had so many opportunities to travel with so many talented musicians. It was exciting to perform in many cities, concerts, night clubs, casinos, and corporate venues throughout Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee especially. I have met some amazing and very interesting people and talented musicians all along the way. It has also been a thrill to perform with many talented artist like Delbert McClinton, Juice Newton, Leon Russell, Joe Nichols, Trace Adkins,  Dierks Bently, Bobby Rush, Clarence Carter, Louisiana's LeRoux, Bad Company, Dr. Zarrs Amazing Funkmonsters, Dreamer Band, Meet The Press, Tower Band, Streetkar, and The Chill.

When I was nine years old I watched Ricky Nelson perform on the "Ozzie & Harriet" TV show. I watched Ricky anxiously every week just to see and hear him sing one song at the very end of the show. Ricky Nelson, the Beatles, the Beach Boys, Lovin' Spoonful, Herman's Hermits, the Everly Brothers, and the Righteous Brothers were all early major influences for me. I loved predominate vocals and multiple harmonies. They sparked my interest and imagination. Other influences followed as music and technology transformed. 

Getting Started-The First Gig!
began singing and playing guitar in junior high school playing in bands from the very beginning despite mastering just three simple chords. At that time three cords allowed you to play hours worth of pretty cool tunes. My first band was the Iridescent's performing mostly covers from the Beatles, the Monkee's, and Paul Revere and the Raiders...we were kids! From that point I progressively performed more professionally with local groups such as Jordan, Tower, Streetkar Band, Graham Morris & Sewell, Graham Tucker, and The Chill. There were also several disaster musical attempts all in between. At age fifteen I performed "professionally" with a Hawaiian show band at The Red Room night club at the Redmont Hotel in downtown Birmingham Alabama. I was ask to fill in and play the bass guitar. I had never played a bass guitar in my life. I was absolutely horrible and they were absolutely hard up! I personally had a very cool of those moments that sticks with you forever. I knew then that music was a passion. Since then and during the many years following..."I could write a book." Just recently, 2019, reunited with my musician brothers with the Streetkar Band and loving every minute! I am a very fortunate and blessed man. Thinking "The Rev" is with me!?!

Creative Experimentation

A few years ago I took a hiatus from performing and finally had the opportunity to write some original tunes. I produced several, the majority on my own simply for the enjoyment and experience. Then I recorded them adding several talented studio musicians and musician friends that graciously accompanied me. Specifically, it was a honor for me that my late uncle Laurence Woods, at age 81, played first fiddle on "Crawfish Rendezvous". A moment I will never forget. 

During this period I began expanding my musical range and interest, creatively exploring new textures of country, rock, and pop with enthusiasm. I was influenced after many visits to New Orleans and traveling around the swamps and outback communities along the Mississippi and Louisiana Delta. The culture, music, and life style was fascinating. It was at that time when I first met the late Reverend H.D. Dennis and was taken by his "castle" and half-pint yellow school bus that he converted into a chapel. At that point I wrote and recorded "Crawfish Rendezvous". The project itself was a creative experiment. I self-promoted the single tune and received some air play and publicity from several local radio and television stations. Self promotion without a record label is difficult especially with no budget. The local interest and support was appreciated and very exciting although the air play was soon short lived. Since that time Internet radio has become quite popular and available and has become an excellent resource. I have found several links quite willing and supportive of local and regional artists. Rick Carter Radio in Birmingham is very supportive of many Alabama musicians and the music community overall. 

I must add that my intent for writing and recording was self indulging never actually intending to profit financially... simply creatively. With that in mind I was never pressured or distracted thus remaining focused purely on creativity. I was very pleased with the entire experience...a very beneficial and educational project. The entire creative process of recording and mixing is fascinating to me much like painting but utilizing music, sound, and lyrics as the media. It was quite rewarding on many levels. 

Additional writings and recordings are now in the works and I am excited to return from a nine year hiatus or simply a really really really long walk-a-bout! PEACE  TO ALL!

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"Crawfish Rendezvous"

Track 1 - Will There Be Snow   3:30

Track 2 - Crawfish Rendezvous   5:10

Track 3 - Bygone By Now   4:31

Track 4 - Grow A Little At A Time   4:04

Track 5 - Bayou Heaven   4:43

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Track 1
Graham BArry (Crawfish Rendezvous)
Track 2
Graham BArry (Crawfish Rendezvous)
Track 3
Graham BArry (Crawfish Rendezvous)
Track 4
Graham BArry (Crawfish Rendezvous)
Track 5
Graham BArry (Crawfish Rendezvous)

 "Crawfish Rendzvous"- Song and lyrics written by Barry Graham. Musicians-Danny Scallions-lead guitar, Laurence Woods-first fiddle. "Will There Be Snow" - Song and lyrics written by Barry Graham. Musicians-Danny Scallions-lead guitar, Gary Neighbors-second bass. Additional Songs- Song and lyrics written by Barry Graham. All vocals, keyboard, guitar, percussion, and secondary instrumentation by Barry Graham. 

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